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Wattsun AZ-125 Single Axis tracker 6" for 8 STP-175

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  • Wattsun AZ-125 Single Axis tracker 6 
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  • SKU:  SPCN-1189
  • Brand:  Wattsun
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Residential Grid-Tie and Off-Grid Applications
Array Technologies manufactures Azimuth Trackers for medium-to-large residential PV systems. Our Azimuth Tracker gear drive rotates the PV array on the pole mount so the bottom edge of the array always remains parallel to the ground. The result: a low profile and exceptional stability in the wind.

 A Dual-Axis Tracker enables automatic tracking of the sun's elevation as well. Dual-axis trackers completely capture all the power the sun delivers. Dual-Axis Tracking is included in the price of the AZ-225 Tracker and is an affordable option on the AZ-125 Tracker.


  • AZ-125 Azimuth Gear Drive
  • Single-Axis or Dual-Axis Tracker
  • Mounts up to 1800 Watts
  • Up to 125 Sq. Ft. of PV array

Environmentally-friendly, Wattsun active trackers are guided by a patented, optical, sun-sensing device that dramatically outperforms passive tracking systems. Solid state electronic design and positive drive mechanisms insure consistent operation in extreme temperatures and windy conditions. Manufactured from the finest quality materials, Wattsun™ Trackers are easy to install, easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain. Wattsun Trackers are manufactured in the USA.