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Voltaic Solar Messenger Bag - Silver

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  • Voltaic Solar Messenger Bag - Silver 
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  • SKU:  DRVT-1923
  • Model Number:  1004-S
  • Brand:  Voltaic
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The Voltaic Systems Solar Messenger Bag - Silver was designed specifically with messengers in mind. The Voltaic Solar Messenger Bag comes reinforced and padded for extra protection when navigating through crowded streets and outdoor conditions. The Voltaic Solar Messenger Bag comes equipped with a 6 watt solar panel and 3,000 mAh solar battery to charge a variety of mobile electronic devices. The solar battery bank provides up to 11 watt hour capacity. With large zipped pockets, the Solar Messenger Bag can also store up to a 15 inch laptop and large documents.

Made with 600D recycled PET material (soda bottles), the Voltaic Solar Messenger Bag is lightweight, waterproof, durable and UV resistant.

The Voltaic Systems Solar Messenger Bag provides solar power on demand and will recharge critical devices while on the go. Whether recharging a phone, smartphone or MP3 player, the Voltaic Solar Messenger Bag is up to the task. Harnessing solar power has never been so easy!



  • Charge Phones
  • Charge Smart Phones (Nokia, Motorola, Samsung etc.)
  • Charge small gaming consoles PSP, Nintendo DS
  • Charge MP3, IPods, IPod Touch
  • Charge DSLR Cameras
  • 6V charging ability


  • Silver colored
  • Three 2 watt solar panel
  • 3,000 mAh solar battery
  • USB Charge adaptor
  • Fully padded dedicated 15 inch laptop sleeve
  • Standard charge adaptors
  • 2 year warranty