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UniRac Mounting Bracket 2 inch U-LA

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  • Mounting Bracket 
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  • SKU:  SPCN-1872
  • Model Number:  330104
  • Brand:  UniRac
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UniRac is the industry standard for mounting hardware for solar panels. UniRac high testing standards ensure installers and home owners that the mounted solar modules will withstand environmental conditions facing any solar installation. The UniRac U-LA Mounting Bracket can be used for ground mount installation, roof top mount installation, home solar installation and commercial solar installation.


The UniRac Rail Mounting Bracket is a support and mounting bracket for UniRac rails for any home solar installation or commercial solar installation. The UnirRac Rail Mounting Bracket is ideal for ground mount applications, such as the ground or residential rooftops, where it is most convenient to pre-assemble rails and footings before installing modules.
  • For 2 inch pipes
  • Mill Finish Aluminum U-LA
  • Includes U-Bolt, Hex-Head Bolts, Hardware