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UniRac 4 RV Mounting Feet

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  • UniRac 4 RV Mounting Feet 
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The Unirac RV Mounting Feet are easy-to-install (installation instructions below), and come with 4 Mounting Feet, bolts and washers to bolt the panel to the mounting hardware. These mounting feet carry a 10 year manufacturer warranty. These are good for mounting single or a small number of panels on an RV, cabin roof, or anyplace else where you want to keep it simple and don't need to adjust or tilt them.


The panel mounting hardware is supplied, the roof mounting hardware is not, as roofs can vary so much.

These will work with just about any solar panel that has an aluminum frame, but use caution on the larger panels - 150 watts or more. Large panels may need more support, such as a rail mount, or you could put 1/2 of a 2nd set in the middle for more support. This depends a lot on the shape and dimensions of the solar module - those that are long and narrow might need the extra support if crossways to the wind, those that are nearly square will not.