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Unique Arts Solar String Lights - 14 bulbs

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Solar lights from Unique Arts are made with superior LED bulbs and higher quality solar cells than most solar products in today's stores. The solar cells also include a small microchip that regulates the flow of energy from the batteries, ensuring your solar lights glow brightly and evenly throughout the evening. The Unique Arts Solar String Light set will run for up to 8 hours on a full charge. The Unique Arts Solar String Light compliments different elements around the home and can easily be installed on your garden, lawn, pathway or act as seasonal lights.

This Unique Arts outdoor solar string lights requires no wiring or AC source. It receives its energy from a powerful solar panel and rechargeable battery unit designed to look like a garden rock. A total of 14 LEDs-spanning a length of 50'-provide warm, pleasant lighting around porches, along railings, or throughout tree branches, automatically turning on at dusk and off at dawn via an internal photo-cell sensor. Each bulb includes a clip for convenient mounting and a stake for securing in the ground. A full day's charge provides up to eight hours of illumination with the Unique Arts Solar String Lights!



  • Can be mounted on different surface types
  • Accent lighting any place or area around or outside the home
  • Automatically illuminates during darkness
  • Up to 8 hour runtime when fully charged
  • No wiring and easy install
  • No operating cost


  • LED Solar Light
  • Solar panel
  • Light sensor for auto on and off operation
  • Rechargeable battery