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SunRotor SR-4 Solar Water Pump with Pump Controller

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  • SunRotor SR-4 Solar Water Pump 
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  • Model Number:  SR-4
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The SunRotor SR-4 Solar Water Pump is a robust commercial helical rotor solar pump and controller that provides an efficient and reliable source for water circulation and water extraction. The SunRotor SR-4 Solar Water Pump offers a wide operational range with a max input voltage of tolerance of 100 VDC with flexible configuration setups for a multitude of solar panels connected to the solar water pump. The SunRotor SR-4 Solar Water Pump controller electronics are above ground and protected from weather elements for increased durability and long term use.

The SunRotor SR-4 Solar Water Pump with SRC-M100T is designed for submersible operation with a 3 inch diameter that fits a 3 ½ inch casing. Constructed from high quality and durable material, the SR-4 Helical Rotor Solar Pump stainless steel body provides maximum protection and performance life.

The SR-4 submersible motor is built and protected from ambient water by oil filled jacket. Brushless DC motor technology avoids conventional DC brush maintenance and replacement. For a commercial solar water pump, go with the easy to use SunRotor SR-4 Solar Water Pump!


The SunRotor SR-4 Solar Water Pump can be used in many different applications where you need to circulate, extract or pump water.

  • Agricultural solar water pump
  • Cattle and livestock solar water pump
  • Drinking water solar water pump
  • Irrigation solar water system
  • Solar water extraction system


  • Solar power range 85w to 405w
  • Wider operational range with max input 100 VDC
  • Highly reliable single moving part progressive cavity technology
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Electronics protected from elements


  • SunRotor SR-4 Helical Rotor Solar Pump
  • SRC-M100T Pump Controller

*solar modules and charge controllers sold separately*