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SunRotor 6.0 GPM Solar Water Pump System

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  • SunRotor  6.0 GPM Solar Water Pump System 
  • SunRotor  6.0 GPM Solar Water Pump System 
  • SunRotor  6.0 GPM Solar Water Pump System 
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If you are looking for a complete solar water pump system, then you should check these systems out. This is a 6.0 gallon per minute (up to 360 gallons per hour) submersible system. This system includes all the parts you will need for the system, including the water pump, solar module, pole-top rack, low water sensor, and 10 foot cord.

This solar water pump system will work for the following applications:

  • Remote villages, homes, cabins and hunting lodges 
  • Irrigation for remote orchards, gardens, and greenhouses
  • Fish pond water level maintenance and aeration
  • Surface water pumping for landscaping streams and waterfalls
  • Cattle, Livestock and wildlife watering systems.


System Innovation 

  • Compared with the traditional alternating current pumps, the efficiencies are 25% better due to the permanent magnet brushless DC motor and the positive displacment helical rotor pump end.
  • The pump section contains only one moving part and is easily rebuilt in the field with common hand tools.

Technological Innovation

  • Controlling of the pump system and monitoring of the operating states
  • Protected against reverse polarity, overload, and high temperature
  • Speed control, max pump speed adjustable to reduce flox rate by 30%-Optimal
  • Solar operation: Integrated MPPT
  • Battery operation: Low voltage disconnects and restarts after battery has recovered
  • Max efficiency 85% motor control

Motor Innovation

  • Brushless DC motor
  • No electronics inside motor
  • Water filled motor with no submersion limits
  • IP68 pressure balanced submersion unlimited
  • Wetted material, stainless steel, brass and rubber cables