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SunMate Hot Air Solar Panel

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  • SunMate Hot Air Solar Panel 
  • Regular price:  $2099.95
  • Price:  $1889.95
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  • SKU:  HCES-0805
  • Model Number:  SM-14
  • Brand:  SunMate
  • Manufacturer:  Environmental Solar Systems
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The SunMate Solar Panel is the ideal choice for homeowners who want environmentally friendly and low-cost alternative heat for their homes. The solar panels allow you to enjoy free energy from the sun without any adverse effects on the environment!

Price is for the entire system: panels and kit



SunMate pulls cool air from your home, channels it through the absorber plate where it's heated by energy from the sun, then circulates hot air back into your home. A built-in thermostat automatically turns on a blower when the absorber plate reaches 110º F and shuts off the blower at 90º F.

What sets the SunMate apart from other solar panels is the design. One-piece construction produces a streamlined appearance that doesn't detract from your home's appearance. Heavy-duty aluminum components result in quality construction that assures long life and no maintenance.

The SunMate Solar System is efficient and affordable. A single panel heats up to 750 square feet of household space. Double-sealed solar glass eliminates air infiltration and water leaks. Polyisocyanurate insulation ensures extremely low heat loss and an energy fan operates for just pennies per day.