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Suniva 275w Solar Panel

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  • Suniva 275w Solar Panel 
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  • SKU:  SPNV-3324
  • Model Number:  OPT 275-60-4-100
  • Brand:  Suniva
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OPT series: OPT 60 CELL MODULES (silver frame)

The Suniva 275w Solar Panel is an excellent home solar panel or commercial solar panel built to provide consistent energy production for years. The Suniva 275 watt OPT solar module incorporates Suniva proprietary design and photovoltaic technology allowing the solar panel to produce energy at a high efficiency level.

The Suniva 275w solar panels offer a tight power tolerance level of 0% to 2% under normal STC with an efficiency rating of 16%. The Suniva Optimus 275 watt solar panels are built to last. Each solar panel is constructed with tempered low-iron glass and anti-reflective coating on a marine grade aluminum frame. Buying Suniva 275w solar panels also offer an energy source for off-grid devices like powering solar lights, solar security lights, recharging deep cycle solar batteries or remote hardware and devices. Power on the go!


Suniva 275w solar panels are powerful, durable and reliable solar panels for home solar energy systems, commercial solar energy systems or simply to power remote devices and hardware. The Suniva 275w solar panel comes with a 25 year linear performance warranty delivering 80% power at standard test conditions. Developed in Georgia USA, the Suniva OPT 275w are Buy America solar panels.

Minimum order quantity: 1 pallet (25 modules)