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Solar Chill 2412HP (1000 Sq. Ft.)

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  • Solar Chill 2412HP (1000 Sq. Ft.) 
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  • SKU:  HCSW-0591
  • Model Number:  2412XP
  • Brand:  Solar Chill
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Solar energy and cooling go together like bread and butter.  The cooling capacity increases as the need for cooling increases.  They are a perfect match.  The SOLAR CHILL is a perfect solution if you have "time of day metering" (higher electrical rates during the peak-daytime hours, and lower rates at night), because you will have even more opportunities to save on your utility bills.  The extremely low wattage of this product allows the SOLAR CHILL to operate on just one or two solar modules during sunny conditions!  This reduces the payback period for a SOLAR CHILL system to just 3 - 5 years.  The SOLAR CHILL can be powered with solar, wind, or regular household energy sources, and may be used with or without batteries.  The 2412 HP is 3000 CFM  and 12  volt DC .


Where humidity is low, 110 Degree air is cooled to 75 F by evaporation (Less than 9% RH).  Eight Thousand BTU'S of cooling are available for each gallon of water evaporated!  Evaporation rates in the SOLAR CHILL can range from 1 to 30 gallons per hour, depending on the model and humidity.   Traditional coolers use 3 or 4 pads with a thickness of 1 or 2", however, the SOLAR CHILL uses only one pad that is 6" or 8" thick. This wetted pad can last up to 5 years, thus reducing maintenance costs while raising efficiency.  It is the most efficient pad media made.  Highly efficient, permanent magnet DC (direct current) motors replace the inefficient AC induction motors in standard coolers.   Minimal duct work (short and/or oversized), or direct discharge will guarantee maximum airflow and efficiency.  Please inquire with the manufacturer prior to replacing an existing cooler with a SOLAR CHILL prior to installing a SOLAR CHILLtm for the first time.