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PV Powered 3000W EVR Inverter -- PVP3000 SVR

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  • PV Powered 3000W EVR Inverter --	PVP3000 SVR 
  • Regular price:  $2945.00
  • Price:  $2315.00
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  • SKU:  SPSZ-1313
  • Model Number:  PVP3000-240
  • Brand:  PV Powered
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PV Powered residential inverters deliver maximum energy harvest from your PV system with the highest reliability and industry leading efficiency. Our simple and modular design enables a scalable platform with fewer components, higher system uptime and field proven reliability.


PV Powered, Inc. continues to deliver industry-leading reliability and technical innovations that lower the total cost of PV systems installation. PV Powered is now the only manufacturer of a residential inverter-integrated AC/DC PV System Disconnect that is listed to the UL 98 Standard. The UL 98 Standard, called “Enclosed and Dead-front Switches” ensures the integrated PV Powered disconnect meets all installation and inspection requirements of a PV System Disconnect. 

Housed within an NEC Compliant wire raceway, PV Powered’s innovative disconnect consists of one enclosure with generous working room for installation. In addition to providing for a single point of connection from the utility service and PV array, the wire raceway’s optimized knockout locations also provide options for side, bottom and back entry with minimized conduit bending. The wire raceway enables flush side-by-side mounting, eliminating the need for extra equipment and resulting in a cleaner, less expensive installation.