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Prostar PS-30M Charge Controller

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  • Prostar PS-30M Charge Controller 
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  • SKU:  SPEE-1057
  • Model Number:  PS-30M
  • Brand:  Morningstar
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The ProStar PS-30M Charge Controller is a mid range solar charge controller built for a variety of off-grid or on-grid applications. Morningstar charge controllers have been field tested deployed all over the world to help power devices out in the field or on residential applications. The ProStar line of solar charge controllers are durable and versatile that when used with solar panels can quickly and efficiently charge deep cycle solar batteries while regulating power coming from the solar panel.

For improved battery life and functionality, the ProStar PS-30M is built with a current compensated low voltage disconnect (LVD) and reverse current protection. The LED display meter on the PS-30M shows operating data for easy system diagnosis while the LED indicators show battery status and faults. When shopping for a solar charge controller, proven performance and field tested, go with the ProStar PS-30M charge controller from Morningstar!  


Morningstar PS-30M Key Features:

  • Estimated 15 year life
  • PWM series battery charging (not shunt)
  • 3-position battery select: gel, sealed, or flooded
  • Very accurate control and measurement
  • Jumper to eliminate telecom noise
  • Parallel for up to 300 amps
  • Temperature compensation
  • Tropicalization: conformal coating, stainless-steel fasteners & anodized aluminum heat sink
  • No switching or measurement in the grounded leg
  • 100% solid state
  • Very low voltage drops
  • Capable of 25% overloads
  • Remote battery voltage sense terminals