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ProSolar Splice Kit

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  • ProSolar Splice Kit 
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  • Model Number:  PS-Kit
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Splices connect two rails to one another Standard rail splice used for 1-1/2" and 2-1/2" deep rail XD rail splice kit used for 3" extra deep rail Uses 1/2" EZ high speed Unibit® drill bit The Splice Kit integrates with the RoofTrac® support rail to allow shorter lengths of rail to be handled as one section. A benefi t of the splice kit is that it allows for thermal expansion of the aluminum while keeping the support rail from changing position during the process. Characteristics Materials: Anodized Aluminum Lower support, tumbled aluminum inner support & stainless hardware Product Integration: RoofTrac® & SolarWedge® Order Number: A-SPLICE-20 IMPORTANT: Maximum 3 support rails in a consecutive row