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PowerFilm Thin Film Delux 12V battery charger

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  • PowerFilm Thin Film Delux 12V battery charger 
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  • SKU:  ELPU-1322
  • Model Number:  FAK-RA5
  • Brand:  PowerFilm
  • Manufacturer:  Iowa Thin Film
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PowerFilm® Rollable Battery Chargers are made with PowerFilm®, the world's most rollable, lightweight, and durable solar technology for rollable solar modules. This is a Deluxe Universal Battery Charger/Conditioner/Analyzer that is part of the FlexPower series of solar panels and accessories.  PowerFilm solar panels are designed for remote energy access when traveling or where energy is hard to access. The lightweight solar panel makes transporting easy when on the road and can be quickly stored when not in use.

The PowerFilm Rollable Battery Chargers can be used on a wide range of mobile devices and electronics.


  • Universal battery charger/analyzer/conditioner

Included Accessories:

  • PowerFilm solar panel
  • 15 feet extension cord for battery connection

*Refer to Specs & Features for recommended accessories*