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PowerFilm Charge Ctontroller

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  • PowerFilm Charge Ctontroller 
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  • SKU:  ELPU-1365
  • Brand:  PowerFilm
  • Manufacturer:  Iowa Thin Film
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PowerFile Charge Controller for portable solar modules. The charge controller regulates voltage of solar module to 12V to charge most conventional batteries. Automatic charge regulation prevents overcharging.

  • Temperature Compensation
  • Battery Charge Regulation
  • Wires are rated for outdoor use; size 16 AWG with Hypalon insulation.
  • Simple charge controller compatible with Iowa Thin Film and PowerFilm Rollable solar modules.
  • Automatic temperature compensation for changing weather


A Charge controller is recommended when charging a battery where the solar panel is producing more than 1% of the amp-hour (Ah) capacity of the battery. For example a charge controller would be recommended if the 20-watt rollable solar module (1.2 amps) were connected to a battery that is less than 120 Amp-hours. Consult the battery manufacturer for complete battery information and recommendations.


  • Energy regulator for batteries
  • Energy regulator for direct connect devices

*Refer to Specs & Features for recommended accessories*