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Pentametric Input Unit

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  • Pentametric Input Unit 
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The new PentaMetric battery monitor system offers a lot more capability than the TriMetric monitor. It measures 1 or 2 battery systems with a common negative. With one battery system, battery current plus two charging sources/loads can be measured.



  • Complete system consists of 3 parts: Input unit (near batteries), Display unit (shown) and computer interface unit
  •   Monitor up to 3 shunts--For example: measure total solar input and wind input independently in addition to monitoring battery "state of charge"
  • Access the data with display unit (shown) with LCD display and buttons up to 1000 feet from batteries.

  • Optional computer interface with (Windows) software to control and read out all data.
  •  Extensive system logged data
  •  Relay output to control generator or external alarm
  •  Audible and visual alarms for high and low battery conditions  

The Pentametric System consists of these components:
1. Data input unit to collect, process and log data (near batteries)

2. Optional readout unit (shown above) with 2 line LCD display and control buttons.This connects to input unit with 4 wire cable up to 1000 feet away.

3. Optional computer interface with software to control and read out all data.Data may be accessed and controlled using either (or both) the optional LCD or the computer interface.