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Pentametric Computer Interface

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  • Pentametric Computer Interface 
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Pentrametric computer hardware interface for Windows interface. Allows you to extensively montitor and log data on your home computer in conjunction with the Pentrametric Battery Monitor System. There are 3 types of data logging functions. With the computer interface all 3 types can be output to spreadsheet file.



Data Logging Functions
1. "Periodically logged data" can record any or all of the following at regular intervals: once per day to up to once per minute:
* Amp hours (3 channels)
* Watt hours (2 channels)
* Temperature max/min (1 channel)
* Volts (2 channels)
* Amps (1 channel)
* Batt%Full (2 channels)

2. "Battery discharge voltage profile" data logs volts and amps every time charge level changes by 5% (or 10%) for 1 or 2 battery systems. This checks that battery capacity is still OK--by observing that battery voltage does not decline excessively as charge level drops.

3. "Battery cycle efficiency data" documents system efficiency for up to 2 battery systems. For each 'charge/discharge' cycle it records: cycle length (hours), total amp hours charged, total amp hours discharged, computed average 'self discharge' current and charge (amp hour) efficiency.