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Panasonic 240w Solar Panel

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  • Panasonic 240w Solar Panel 
  • Regular price:  $699.99
  • Price:  $615.00
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  • SKU:  SPSZ-2495
  • Model Number:  VBHN240SA06
  • Brand:  Panasonic
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The Panasonic 240w Solar Panel is the latest PV module in the HIT Power series of high efficient solar modules offered by Panasonic Solar. Whether you are a homeowner or solar installer buying a home solar panel or commercial solar panel, the Panasonic 240w Solar Panel will improve the overall energy harvest of the home solar energy system or commercial solar energy system.  The Cell conversion efficiency on the Panasonic 240 watt Solar Panel measures 21.6% with a module efficiency of 19.0%. With over 37 years of research and development, Panasonic continues to develop new solar technologies improving home solar integration and commercial solar integration!

The Panasonic 240w Solar Panel HIT Power 240S hybrid solar cells allow the modules to perform well where temperature conditions are volatile. The HIT solar cell structure includes an Ultra-thin amorphous silicon layer and Monocrystalline silicon allowing for maximum energy production with a tight power tolerance of -0% / +10%.


Panasonic 240w Solar Panel VBHN240SA06 is built for many home solar applications and commercial solar applications. Looking for a robust and lightweight home solar panel or commercial solar panel, go with a recognized brand Panasonic!

  • With MC4 Connection
  • Hybrid amorphous silicon layer and mono crystalline silicon
  • Anti-flection glass
  • Power Tolerance -0% / +10%