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Outdoor Solar Shower

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  • Outdoor Solar Shower 
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  • SKU:  PLSN-0795
  • Model Number:  NU160
  • Brand:  GAME
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Enjoy a refreshing warm shower before or after taking a dip in the pool with this Outdoor Solar Shower.


The secret to this solar shower is the special black plastic that attracts solar heat and transfers it into the 5.5 gallon cylinder and presto, you can take a warm shower next to your pool. You get warm water from this solar shower with no plumbing or expensive installation. Simply attach your garden hose to the shower and mount the unit to any flat surface. The on/off value has an integrated adjustment that allows you to regulate the water temperature. Rinse off all that chlorine, dirt or salt in a warm shower this season with this ingenious solar outdoor shower. Unit is 75” tall.