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Outback VFX2812 Off grid Vented Inverter

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  • Outback VFX2812 Off grid Vented Inverter 
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  • SKU:  SPAR-2580
  • Model Number:  VFX2812
  • Brand:  Outback
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• Off grid inverter
• 12 VDC
• 2800 VA
• 120 VAC
• 60 HZ
• 23.3 amps continuous AC RMS output at 25 degrees Celsius


Solar. Wind. Hydro. Generator. No matter what your energy source OutBack's products are engineered to provide your home or business with reliable electricity day-in and day-out. The OutBack modular system architecture allows your system to grow along with your power needs up to 36,000 watts. Power hungry appliances like washing machines, air conditioning and power tools are easily started by our inverter's substantial surge power capability. When not being used, the inverter enters a power save mode, which consumes as little as 3 watts, saving your battery power for when you need it the most. OutBack's innovative Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology gets the most from your solar array or can also control hydro or wind turbine charging sources. Complete system status and control is easily monitored by a single control, instead of requiring the user to keep an eye on multiple displays and status indicators.