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Kar Kool 312 (75 Sq. Ft.)

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  • Kar Kool 312 (75 Sq. Ft.) 
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Kar Kool  uses either a 6 or 8 inch thick fluted type pad as the wet cooling media, it is the most efficient evaporative cooling media in the world, and it should last for 5 years, with minimum maintenance (water quality is a factor). The Kar Kool products are made of sturdy plastic which will not rust.


Kar Kool 312 which now has a two speed switch is the lowest energy cooler in the world. It can be used for evaporative cooling for your car, truck or RV, at a fraction of the cost of other cooling equipment! Kar Kool uses low energy, just 2.5 amps at 12 volts for the TRI-COOL!  The 312 model now comes standard with two speeds. It uses CelDek, which is the most efficient evaporative cooling media on the planet! KAR KOOL will cool hot dry air as much as 25 Degrees.