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Inverter to Battery Cables Red and Black – 4/0, 10’

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  • Inverter to Battery Cables Red and Black – 4/0, 10’ 
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  • SKU:  SPSZ-1399
  • Model Number:  0ST120D
  • Brand:  SunWize
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SunWize Inverter to Battery Cables are pre-cut and crimped, UL rated MTW cables. In this manner they can reduce system installation time, improve system integrity and assure code compliance.



These flexible cables are made with machine crimped 3/8" tinned copper ring termainals and colr-coded melt-wall heatshrink. NEC rated in conduit for 230 Amp (#4/0 AWG). 175 Amp (#2/0 AWG) and in free air for 360 Amp (#4/0 AWG) or 265 Amp (#2/0 AWG). Cables are sold as pairs.