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Global Solar PowerFlex Mobile 200W Kit

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  • Global Solar PowerFlex Mobile 200W Kit 
  • Global Solar PowerFlex Mobile 200W Kit 
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  • Model Number:  PFM-2K
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Global Solar PowerFlex Mobile 200W Kit
PFM-2K - Dual Module System
Number of cells: 2 x 36 CIGS cells w/ 2 bypass diodes per cell
STC wattage: 190W
Open circuit voltage(voc): 22.7V
Short circuit current (iSC): 6.4 amps
Rated voltage (vmpp): 17.2V
Rated current (lmpp): 5.5 amps
Dimensions (inches): 81.5" x 21.5" (each module)
Module weight: <2 lbs per square foot


The Global Solar PowerFLEX® mobile 200W kit is utilized on RVs and caravans to reduce fuel consumption and gas usage. Power Output typically 190 to 205 Watts, depending upon weather conditions.

The lightweight and flexible modules are designed to fit into multiple configurations on RV rooftops, but do not add any additional wind load. The adhesive mounting system improves RV aesthetics while reducing the likelihood of theft. The durable modules withstand hail storms and other harsh weather.

PowerFLEX® modules offer the highest power efficiency of all flexible PV solar arrays.

(Contains a 2 meter long, US-Made Solar Panel, complete with non-penetrating mounting hardware, battery charge controller, 30 feet of interconnect wiring and installation instructions.)