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FLEXpower ONE System FP1-1

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  • Model Number:  FP1-1
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Outback FLEXpower ONE is the ideal system for on-grid applications. The system is pre-wired to save time on installation. The FP1-1 enables effective management of your battery bank and allows selective use of the grid as a backup power source. In this manner, the grid can power your batteries on cloudy days. Sized to power most small power applications, the FP1-1 is ideal for cabins, chalets, or semi-rural areas where grid power is often unreliable. The FP1-1 series require a small footprint and can be mounted on standard 16" studs!

FP1-1: Prewired AC and DC boxes with 120VAC Bypass and Type B Outlet, 250ADC breaker, GFDI, 80 amp charge controller breaker, VFX3524, MATE2, HUB4, RTS, FLEXmax 80, FLEXnet DC and surge protector for 120V 60Hz applications.


The FP1-1 power systems are fully code compliant and carry the necessary ETL certifications for a professional and reliable power source. The FP1-1 is designed for on-grid and off-grid applications up to 3600 watts. It is intended for use with a PV (photovoltaic) array for harvesting energy and a battery bank for storing energy. The FP1-1 can be configured for ‘grid-interactive' operation where excess energy is sold to the utility.

  • FX series inverter & charge controller
  • Mounting plate (with mounting bracket)
  • MATE remote control and display
  • AC enclosure (120V-North America or 230V European Union)
  • DC enclosure (125, 175, 250A)
  • FLEXnet DC Battery Monitor
  • FLEXmax 80 Charge Controller
  • Raceway
  • HUB4 Communication Manager
  • FLEXware surge protector