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Flexcharge Charge Controller NC25A/24

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  • Flexcharge Charge Controller NC25A/24 
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  • Model Number:  NC25A/24
  • Brand:  Flexcharge
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The NC25A-(X) is series regulator designed for alternative energy charging systems ranging in size from 0.1A to 25A. It is the ideal regulator for Solar (PV) and Permanent Magnet Generators (Including outboard motors and smaller wind generators). The NC25A also includes the Charge Divert feature. Charge Divert allows you to use the excess charging source energy for other tasks, or for placing a load on permanent magnet charging sources such as wind generators to prevent over speed conditions. The Divert connection is only activated after the charging source is making energy and the batteries are not using the energy (i.e. A wind generator will not be starting into the divert load). This controller can easily and inexpensively be expanded to handle one or more banks of 100A charging sources. (1000A max charging current in this configuration). Multiple battery banks can be charged with the use of a standard battery charging isolators.