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EagleSun Solar thermal water heating drainback system

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  • EagleSun Solar thermal water heating drainback system 
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  • SKU:  WHNE-0684
  • Model Number:  DB-80-52
  • Brand:  EagleSun
  • Manufacturer:  AET
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Enjoy free heated water from the sun from this Eagle Sun. This indirect system includes and 80 gallon tank and is paired with a larger 52 square foot solar collector. The system passes water heated in the collectors through the water storage tank heating the water used in the home. The closed loop design keeps the two water sources from mixing.  Don't worry about overheating. The drainback feature empties the heated water during low use or when the water has reached a maximum temperature.  System is built with a drainback reservoir allowing the system to be used in colder climates.