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Deka Flooded Battery, Wet Type 8L16

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  • Deka Flooded Battery, Wet Type 8L16 
  • Regular price:  $431.52
  • Price:  $369.00
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  • SKU:  SPEE-0535
  • Model Number:  8L16-Wet or Dry
  • Brand:  MK / Deka
  • Manufacturer:  MK Battery
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This flooded battery by Deka features new super-insulating, microporous polyethylene envelope separators protect the plates, eliminate short circuits and dramatically extend battery life. Positive plates are glass wrapped, similar to motive wrapped, similar to motive power industrial batteries. The glass fibers imbed themselves into the surface of the plate to add reinforcement... like "re-bars" in concrete. This reduces plate shedding and extends life. An optimized balance of the crucial active material on the plates means that the battery works harder and lives longer. More than 250 quality control checks ensure the highest checks ensure the highest quality. 6 Volts.