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Concorde Sun Xtender-PVX-340T

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  • Concorde Sun Xtender-PVX-340T 
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  • Model Number:  PVX-340-T
  • Brand:  Concorde
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Concorde, SunXtender Sealed AGM Battery, 12V, 34Ah @ 24hr, U1, PVX-340T 

PVX-340T are maintenance-free, valve regulated, sealed lead-acid batteries that are designed for deep cycle and back-up power photovoltaic applications.


PVX Series batteries from Concorde use AGM or absorbed glass mat technology, making their charge retention about five to ten times better than flooded/vented type batteries. Concorde Sunxtender AGM  battery series  deliver and absorb higher rates of amperage than any other sealed battery during discharging and charging.

Sun Xtender® Series Renewable Energy Storage Solar Batteries are sealed, maintenance free, valve regulated, deep cycle, long life lead acid batteries. Sun Xtender® Series Renewable Energy Storage Batteries have been designed and developed to meet the needs of the Renewable Energy Industry.