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Canadian Solar 230 Silver Frame

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  • Canadian Solar 230w solar panel 
  • Regular price:  $698.45
  • Price:  $339.00
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  • SKU:  SPNT-1325
  • Model Number:  CS6P-230P
  • Brand:  Canadian Solar
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Call before your order. The CSI 230 are in short supply and high demand. We expect to have a limited supply of the Canadian Solar  225 Watt module.

Canadian Solar panels are becoming highly sought after in the solar industry. Canadian Solar modules are built with expert craftsmanship to ensure lifetime functionality and durability. As cost competetive as solar panels get, Canadian Solar panels also have an extremely high output per square foot ratio making Canadian Solar Modules an excellent solution for green energy systems that have a space constraint. Ask us about Canadian Solar modules today!


* Economical solar modules with best performance-to-price ratio and fast return on investment
* Environmentally friendly production, non-toxic and no potential environmental and legal risks

Proven High Quality and Reliable e-Modules

* Based on crystalline silicon photovoltaic technology Canadian Solar proving its long-term reliability with commercial availability for over 40 years
* Powered by Solar grade technology of over 25 years of research history and commercialized reliability mechanisms
* Guaranteed by stringent testing of ISO17025, Canadian Solar qualified world class (pending) testing lab and quality certificates from international certification institutes (IEC, TUV, ETL)
* 12 months field performance test results showing the good superior performance
* Already achieving significant acceptance and positive feedbacks on real world applications