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By Pass Valve Kit for solar pool heater (1-1/2 Header)

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  • By Pass Valve Kit for solar pool heater (1-1/2 Header) 
  • Regular price:  $52.95
  • Price:  $39.99
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  • SKU:  PLSN-0778
  • Model Number:  NS860
  • Brand:  SunGrabber
  • Manufacturer:  FAFCO
  • Availability:  Out Of Stock
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Bypass valve kit for the SunGrabber solar pool heating system. The bypass valve allows hot water to circulate into your home swimming pool, allowing for affordable solar heated water.


This is an accessory for the SunGrabber solar heating system which is designed to quickly heat your in-ground pool with free, reliable solar heat. A properly sized solar system working in conjunction with a solar blanket will provide virtually all of the heat for your pool.