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A/G Panel Add-on Kit (1-1/2" Header)

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  • A/G Panel Add-on Kit (1-1/2 
  • Regular price:  $21.99
  • Price:  $19.95
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  • SKU:  PLSN-0780
  • Model Number:  NS862
  • Brand:  SunGrabber
  • Manufacturer:  FAFCO
  • Availability:  Out Of Stock
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• Add-on kit for above ground SunGrabber heating array to attach more modules to system
• This product is designed to increase the capacity of your SunGrabber heating system


Manufactured by the leading solar heating company, these solar systems are super efficient and long-lasting. Our above-ground solar heating panels will raise your pool's temperature 10° or more using the sun's free energy. When used in conjunction with a solar blanket, it is all the heat you will need - no expensive heater to buy and maintain, and no costly gas bills.