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Top Ten Solar Gifts 2011

Category: Solar Outdoors

[Note: For our solar gift suggestions for 2013, please click here: Solar Gifts 2013 ]

The holiday season is just around the corner and you are looking to find green gifts for your friends and relatives! No holiday season is complete without a nice big get-together with family and friends. The holiday season always bring sumptuous food, fun, gifts and joy for one and all.

Here at SolarTown we have different solar gift ideas that can help make this holiday season exceptionally bright and fun! SolarTown solar landscape lights and solar lamp post lights can add extra lighting for outdoor events and family gatherings so you can spend more time with your loved ones. And besides solar lights, you have to consider a solar backpack or solar oven for your friends.

Be it your garden, backyard, living room or bedroom, SolarTown eco gifts accent and will shine bright for years to come. When it comes to solar powered products and solar gift ideas, SolarTown is your one stop holiday shop. Here are our picks for solar gift ideas for your eco minded friends and relatives.

Solar Gift Ideas under $60 (holiday solar energy products)

Advanced Solar ShowerAdvanced Elements Solar Shower 3 gallon - $17.95
Looking for a holiday gift for the backpacker or outdoor person? Why not go with this Advance Elements Solar Shower. Traveling and having fun outdoor shouldn't mean you do not take a hot shower. Great gift for that outdoor person!

Smart Solar Frosted Dragonfly Solar Lantern Smart Solar Frosted Dragonfly Solar Lantern - $19.50
The Smart Solar Frosted Dragonfly Solar Lantern is a great solar light for any outdoor activity and function. Whether you're dining outside with friends or looking for a nice gift for your friend who owns a restaurant, this is a great gift!

Crystal Ball Solar LightsSmart Solar Crystal Ball Solar String Light - $26.95
Holiday season is here! This solar light is a great accent string light for your front yard or garden eliminating operating cost because the lights are solar powered! With your existing holiday decoration, this solar string light will help highlight any ornament outside your home.

Gama Sonic Solar SpotlightGama Sonic Solar Spotlight - $49.99
The Gama Sonic Solar Spotlight is a great solar spot light used to accent trees, flowers, sculptures or other decorative elements in your home garden. If you need additional lighting for Santa, this solar spot light is the way to go!

Solio solar charger

Solio Bolt Solar Charger $59.99
The Solio Bolt Solar Charger is a dandy little solar charger that can charge many portable handheld devices like your IPhone, Blackberry or other Smartphone. Great eco-friendly gift for the mobile contractor or traveler in need of power!



Solar gift ideas under $150 (holiday solar energy products)

Solar Amp ChargerVoltaic Amp Solar Charger $99.00
The Voltaic Amp Solar Charger is a versatile little bag that can charge a multitude of handheld devices on the go. A great little eco-friendly gift for those on the go or travel to remote places. Never run out of power on your phone with this neat little solar charger. 

Gama Sonic Victorian Solar LamppostGama Sonic Victorian Solar Lamp Post - $119.95
The Gama Sonic Victorian Solar Lamp Post is a wonderful solar lamp post that can be easily mounted to any porch or deck. Solar lamp post lights can be a great lighting option providing extra lighting in dark places around your home.

Solar Ceramic Blue Fish FountainSmart Solar Blue Fish Ceramic Solar Fountain - $124.50
The Smart Solar Blue Fish Ceramic Solar Fountain is a great gift for a friend or yourself! The blue fish and blue basin can be placed in a garden, patio or deck creating a soothing escape from the holiday wildness.

Solar gift ideas under $250 (holiday solar energy products)

Voltaic Solar BackpackVoltaic Solar Backpack Silver - $179.00
Kids coming home for the holiday? Well, why not get them a versatile Voltaic Solar Backpack as a solar gift! Portable solar power and storage compartment for books, they will never have an excuse that their phone ran out of power and couldn't call home! A hip solar energy product for college students with power on demand!

Kensington two tier solar fountainSmart Solar Kensington Garden Solar Fountain (Two-tier) - $225.00
The Smart Solar Kensington Solar Fountain is a carefully crafted and elegant two-tier solar fountain perfect for any home or garden. A beautiful fountain that is powered by the sun, the Kensington White Stone Solar Fountain is a wonderful holiday gift or anniversary gift for a loved one!

Global Sun OvenGlobal Sun Oven - $245.00
For a solar gift idea, why not go with the Global Sun Oven as a holiday gift? The Global Sun Oven is an excellent eco-friendly solar gift that can travel along while vacationing, camping or enjoying the outdoors. Baking holiday cookies, why not put this solar oven to use? The Global Sun Oven is a fun and versatile solar gift for the holidays!

Gama Sonic Double Solar LamppostGama Sonic Solar Lamp Post Double - $249.95
The GamaSonic Double Solar Lamp Post is a solar lamp post that will brighten and accent any home while also save you money off your energy bill! The GamaSonic Double Lamp Post is a great eco-friendly solar gift that looks nice and easy to setup. A great solar gift idea for anyone!