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Unique Solar Gifts for the Holidays

Category: Solar Outdoors

Top Ten Solar Gifts for 2010. We love these solar energy products that you can give to your loved ones for the holidays. We love them so much that we couldn't quite fit all of them in our top ten list of holiday solar energy products, so here are the top twelve.These solar power products are energy efficient and useful in everyday applications and projects. And they also look nice in your home, in your garden, backyard or you can use them on your camping trip. When it comes to the latest and greatest in solar gift ideas, SolarTown is your one stop holiday shop. Here are a few solar gift ideas for your loved ones and friends. We have grouped them by price so all you need to do is click, put them in your shopping cart, and they will be promptly shipped to you. And if you can't find what you are looking for here, please peruse our selection of solar lights, solar outdoor products and solar electronics.

Free Shippping: When ordering solar gifts, please do not forget to insert promo code FREESHIP for orders over $49.

From the list below of the top solar gifts, just click on the solar gift that you want to order.

Solar Gift Ideas Under $50

Solar Portable ShowerAdvanced Elements Solar Shower (3 gal) - $17.95. The Advanced Elements Solar Shower is a great solar gift idea for someone planning on a camping trip or for a loved one who work extensively in an outdoor environment. A fun and clean solar energy product!

Solar Pyramid Solar GiftSolar Deck Pyramid - $23.95  The Solar Deck Pyramid is a nice outdoor solar light, powered by a solar panel, for your deck or can be used for your driveway. The Solar Deck solar gift will add a unique and interesting look to your home.

Solar LanternSolar Blue Petal Lantern Pewter - $33.99  The Solar Blue Petal Lantern is a solar powered Blue Lantern can be used anywhere in your home. The solar lantern careful design adds a delicate and elegant look to your home, garden or front yard. The Solar Blue Petal Lantern is a sophisticated solar energy product.    

Solar radioSolarlink Solar Radio Black - $49.95  The Solarlink Radio is an excellent solar gift idea for someone who enjoys listening to his or her favorite station with a radio. The Solarlink Radio can provide hours of entertainment during this holiday gift giving season.

Solar Gift Ideas Under $150

Solar Battery ChargerBrunton Restore Portable Power Device - $87.95 The Brunton Restore is a solar powered energy device. The Brunton is a hip and cool solar gift for the kids or adults to power a wide range of electronic devices. Charges handheld devices, phones, Smartphones and MP3 devices.

Solar MailboxSolar Mail Box Stainless Steel - $89.95  The Solar Mail Box is a great solar gift for a loved one. When you go outside to pick up your gifts, have the Solar Mail Box to brighten up the mail box area so you can get your holiday gifts even quicker!

Solar BagVoltaic Switch Solar Bag Silver - $129.00 The new Voltaic Switch Solar Bag is portable solar power on demand for whenever we are outside. The Voltaic Solar Bag can carry groceries or any other item you can think of! Stylish and cool, this solar gift is great! Charges handheld devices, phones, Smartphones and MP3 devices.

Solar FountainSmart Solar Portsmouth Solar Fountain - $135.00 The Smart Solar Portsmouth Solar Fountain is a wonderful holiday gift for new homeowners or homeowners who want to add a delicate and elegant touch to their home. The Smart solar Portsmouth Solar Fountain is a beautiful solar energy product that accents your home!

Solar Gift Ideas Under $250

Solar BackpackVoltaic Solar Backpack Silver - $179.00 Kids going away to college? Well, how about a Voltaic Solar Backpack as a solar gift! Portable solar power and storage capacity makes the Voltaic Solar Backpack an excellent holiday gift. A hip solar energy products for our college bound kids they would love! Charges handheld devices, Smartphones and MP3 devices.

Solar Double Tier FountainSmart Solar White Stone Solar Fountain - $234.00  Nothing shows our appreciation like a carefully crafted and elegant ornament like the Smart Solar White Stone Solar Fountain for our loved one. Built to last, is what family is all about. Powered by solar energy, the White Stone Solar Fountain is a wonderful solar gift to show your appreciation and love.

Solar OvenGlobal Sun Oven - $245.00  For a solar gift idea, why not go with the Global Sun Oven as a holiday gift? The Global Sun Oven is an excellent item to carry along vacationing, camping or enjoying the outdoors. A solar energy product that you can put to immediate use baking holiday cookies, what would be better? The Global Sun Oven is an excellent solar gift for the holidays!

Solar Double Lamp PostSolar Lamp Post - $249.95 The GamaSonic Double Solar Lamp Post is a solar powered outdoor lamp post. Easy to use and saves plenty off your energy bill, the GamaSonic Double Lamp Post makes for a great solar gift. An excellent Solar Energy Product that looks nice and saves money off your energy bill, what a great solar gift idea!