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SolarTown Videos

Solar Home Tour 2010

Homeowners in Solar Home Tour demonstrate their solar energy systems--home solar panels, solar water heaters and even solar ovens. Solar homeowners talk about why they installed their systems, economic incentives, and the latest innovations to get the most out of their solar modules, such as micro-inverters. The owner of a passive solar home shows the benefits of a passive solar design.

Category: Solar Panels, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Outdoors
  • Solar Home Tour 2010
  • RV equpped with solar panels and wind turbines
  • Take a solar motor boat out for a spin
  • Solar pool bag to heat your pool
  • Installation demonstration of PowerStrip on tile roof for solar pool heater
  • Installation of solar water heater system: Lots of hot water and other benefits
  • Solar trash compactor is demonstrated
  • ThisIsGreen TV shows how to use solar battery chargers
  • Making your own solar module: Ten reasons you should buy--not make, a solar panel
  • Review of Eton Solarlink FR500 solar radio
  • Solar battery charge controllers compared
  • Setting up the Solar Pathfinder