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Solar News

Solar Homes Open Their Doors throughout the Country


This weekend, solar homes throughout the US will open their doors to visitors. USA Today reports that those that want to see solar in action can participate in at least 648 community tours, triple last year's number.

Communities throughout the country are readying for the onslaught of people who will be on the tours. The tours are a great opportunity to learn about solar and to find out how homeowners have overcome the financial and engineering challenges to go green.

The News Tribune in Washington State reports on the travails of one couple who will be showing off their home solar panels  this weekend. When the couple "first began investigating in solar two years ago, some contractors told them their home was too shaded and too close to other homes to use solar power. [The homeowner persisted until he found a contractor who said he could configure the panels to take advantage of his home's alignment."

The Nashua Telegraph reports on a homeowner who installed a solar energy system on his home in Hollis, New Hampshire. "By coincidence, it has a big, south-facing roof face slanted at a relatively steep 45 degrees, ideal for solar power at this latitude. It has proved to be perfect for both photovoltaic panels, which turn sunlight into electricity, and for solar hot-water. The family has installed a 3.6-kilowatt, grid-tied photovoltaic system that provides up to half their electricity over the course of the year, plus a two-panel solar hot water system that takes much of the load off the on-demand propane water heater." So if you plan on being in Hollis this weekend, you should definitely this home.

Almost every state will have a tour this weekend and not just in the larger cities. If you live in Ohio, then you may want to stop by a home in Yellow Springs. According to the Yellow Spring News, the tour in Yellow Spring will have four solar homes, two of which are new to the tour this year, including a home that this summer became "the first residence within the Yellow Springs municipal electric system to install grid-tied solar photovoltaic panels."

So if you are thinking of going solar or just a curious onlooker, this is your chance this year to get out and see the solar homes in your area.