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Solar News

Flying Like a Solar Eagle: Football Team Going Off Grid


We used to think that going off grid was reserved for those living in remote locations. Going off grid is great if you have a hunting lodge and you can't connect to the grid. Using solar energy is a lot better and much better for the environment than using a kerosene lamp. But now, as the Denver Post reports, the Philadelphia Eagles football team is "taking their gridiron off the grid" - right in the middle of the city.

Reuters gives the details of the plan to take the entire stadium off grid, using wind and solar energy and other renewable resources.

The plan includes installing about 2,500 solar panels and also wind turbines on the upper rim of the stadium. According to the Reuters report, "The turbines and panels will each contribute about 15 percent of the output while the rest will be generated by a plant that can run on biofuels or natural gas. The new equipment will generate at least 8.6 megawatts of electricity, above the 7 mw peak used by the stadium on game days, said Solar Blue president Lee Maher. Excess power will be sold to a local utility." And here is the kicker (no pun intended), the NFL club will save about $60 million on electricity over 20 years.

It makes economic and environmental sense and we should expect to see other stadiums throughout the country embarking on similar efforts. As USA Today reports,  "Environmentally-friendly NFL fans have a reason to cheer for the Eagles, even if they're not from Philadelphia."