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Category: Solar Electronics

Describes a number of innovative, on the market solar electronics, from electric jet skis to Apple solar-powered iPods and iPhones. Highlights intriguing urban farming concepts with rooftop pods, cycling and charging cell phones simultaneously, the world’s fastest high-speed train, biobased circuit boards made from chicken feathers and soybean oil, and making durable buildings from sticky rice. Fantastic and novel ideas between renewable energy and technology, for all the environmentally conscious geeks out there.
Category: Solar Electronics

Includes eco deal of the day, green gift ideas, and other eco essentials. Also includes local and world news on many environmental issues. Describes green dining and green spaces and supplies reviews of green products such as insect repellent and organic sunblock. Introduces rings and lamps made from recycled materials, solar-powered backpacks, and hip green fashion! Features occasional green giveaways as well!
Category: Solar Electronics

Blog describes solar powered electronics gifts, such as solar powered cell phone chargers, solar hybrid flashlights, solar electric systems, and eco golf tees! Explains the benefits of solar panels in homes and why solar electric and electric vehicles are a must. Dives into how going green  can save your money and health. Includes green gradgets of the month. Also goes in depth about how you can have a green wedding and making all your holidays greener.