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Q:Hi I have a green house which i want to run a cooling fan 12volt dc 7,5amps I purchased a 40watt solar panel is this enough ? and what size battery do i need to run the fan?


From an electrical standpoint, remember that one watt is equal to the work done by a 1 amp current at 1 volt (the equation is W=V*A). A 12 volt, 7.5 amp cooling fan is a 90 watt appliance, meaning that the lone 40 watt panel won't give it enough power to run. For your needs, you'll need 3 40-watt panels in order to reliably power your cooling fan, and probably an additional fourth panel if you want to charge a battery in order to run the fan at night.

05-24-2014 by Brad Category: Solar Panels

Q:Is it ok to mix solar power panels ie 6 15 watt plus 1 45 watt plus 1 100 watt thru a 30 amp controller. Any issues. Presently I run LED lights and charging power tools


The general policy is that it is much safer to use the same solar panels in your array. Having said that, it is sometimes possible to mix and max depending on how you set up your circuits and the maximum voltage on your solar inverter (if you use one). First, remember to always keep the maximum output voltage of your panel system below the maximum DC input voltage on your inverter. Then you determine how to wire your panels together based on whether they are more similar in current (amps) or voltage (volts). Being too different in either of these characteristics will not break your panels, but will result in a performance loss. If the panels are more similar in terms of current, then you will want to wire them in a series setup. If they are more similar in voltage, you will want to wire them in parallel. Also, make sure the current matches up with that of your controller (30 amps, in this case). The best practice is to always use a licensed electrician to wire your panels.

05-10-2014 by John G Category: Solar Lights and Garden

Q:i have 2 x 185 W solar panels, 2 x 12 V batteries and 900 W inverter are these compatible


While it's always good to check that the specific parts are compatible - most inverters have a maximum input voltage, solar panels exceeding that maximum voltage risk damaging the inverter. These parts should be capable of working together. The rating on the inverter is the maximum power that the inverter can handle, so if the panels and/or battery send in less than that, it will still run.

04-20-2014 by PRECIOUS Category: Solar Panels

Q:I live in india, My monthly consumption is around 200 Units, (200 KWH) how can i use solar energy to power my whole home


A smaller solar panel system can provide more than enough power for your whole home during the day. Ten to twelve 260 to 280 watt panels would be more than capable of both powering your home and sending power back into the power grid. The parts you'll need besides the panels are a grid-tie inverter, racking, and wiring (you'll need to pick out the right parts for your specific installation). If you want to go off the grid, you will still need solar racking, but instead of a grid-tie inverter, you'll need deep cycle batteries and a standard (not grid-tie) inverter.

04-18-2014 by sahas Category: Solar Electronics

Q:I have 20w Solar panel, 12vX7.5A battery, Charge Controlloer 10A (PWM) to run a 10W LED Light for 10-12 hrs. Will my system configuraton is ok for my desired results.i.e 10-12 hrs of light? Any adjustment in Panel or Battery? Pls help me out. Thanks a lot


Your 12v, 7.5 Amp solar battery can power a 10 watt LED for a theoretical maximum of 9 hours.  The 20 Watt solar panel will be able to fully charge the battery in about 4-5 hours, which means it should be capable of charging the battery fully on a regular basis.  Your system can probably meet your needs most of the time, but just barely.  We recommend a slightly larger solar panel such as the 30 Watt Dasol DS-A18-30 and a second 7.5 amp battery.

03-23-2014 by Abd Category: Solar Outdoors

Q:I would like to build a solar power system for my workshop. This will not be grid tied, but connected to a battery bank. The basis for the system would be 3 SolarWorld 250W modules - The roof on the workshop is a standing seam metal roof. Can you specify the racking I would need to mount the panels and recommend a charge controller?


Standing seam roofs can be a challenge when it comes to racking. One alternative is to use thin film panels. Thin film panels attach to the roof using a special adhesive, meaning there's no racking. The downside is that the thin film panels are more expensive for the amount of power (higher cost per watt, to use industry terms) than crystalline modules. As for the charge controller, for the best performance, consider an Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller such as the Solar Boost 2000E. If you're on a budget, you can also go with a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) charge controller such as the Schneider/Xantrex C40. Just remember that in general, MPPT charge controllers generally outperform PWM charge controllers by 30-50%.

03-12-2014 by Chuck M Category: Solar Panels

Q:Can the smart solar umbrella lanterns be mounted on fence posts for outdoor walkway lighting?


The Smart Solar Umbrella lanterns are specifically designed for hanging or on flat surfaces. You  may also want to look at solar lights that are specifically designed for mounting on fence posts that we offer from Classy Caps and there are also a couple from Gama Sonic solar lights. Take a look at our selection of solar powered lights to see a full lineup of what we offer and contact us if you have any questions.

03-03-2014 by Cyndi Category: Solar Lights and Garden

Q:I want to install solar panel operated system for 2 nos. of water pump (1 hp each) and this will run for 24 hrs. Pl suggest me the configuration of system alongwith specification of each part.


For high horsepower applications such as this one, there may be other options besides a solar water pump. You can take a look at the solar water pumps that we currently offer such as a submersible solar water pump which offers a maximum flow rate of 80 gallons per minutes with a head of 50 feet, which puts it right at 1 horsepower. Depending on where you are located, this application would require as many as six to eight solar panels to power each pump.  And if you are talking about 24 hour operations, you will need solar batteries to power the pump when the sun goes down or when it is cloudy.

03-01-2014 by Jaye Category: Solar Water Pumps

Q:I have spent days on the internet searching for a kit I can purchase online for a dc solar pool pump system plug & play kit (pump, panels, hardware, wiring, etc.) for a do-it yourselfer like me. I am unable to locate a complete kit for sale online. Can you help me?


Take a look at the Solar Pool Pumps section on the SolarTown website.  We offer a number of different solar pool pumps for different pool sizes.  The best option we have is the Natural Current line of floating pool pumps.  These are floating systems that house the pump directly under the panels, all in a floating system with no wiring and minimal set-up.


02-23-2014 by Neil Gardener Category: Solar Pool


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