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Portable Solar Chargers: Light Modules for Heavy Users

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Portable solar chargers are getting lighter and better. And the choices are expanding. One of the most popular purchases at SolarTown are portable solar modules. When you just have to have access to your cell phone, then there are various alternatives for portable solar chargers that you can purchase at SolarTown. We now are carrying the P3 and Sunlinq portable solar chargers, which you can find in our section on portable solar modules. These portable solar chargers provide a lot more power than the solar bags. The largest we now have is 124 watts, which can provide a lot of essential power. These solar chargers can provide power for GPS devices, satellite terminals, laser rangefinders, laptop computers and other devices that require much more power than just a cell phone. And the largest portable solar charger weighs just 6.1 pounds. We are not recommending that you spend your time cruising the Internet when you should be looking at the stars. But for power for some of your essential equipment, and particularly for emergency and rescue workers and others who need a lot of power, these portable solar chargers are a great choice.

Solar Energy: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Are you going on that summer holiday in August? If you plan on staying at a five-star hotel on Oahu, then please do not read this post. If you are planning on getting out of the city but want to stay connected, then you should read on about how solar energy can help make your trip easier. I just came back from a glorious vacation with the family. We couldn’t get enough of the fresh air, the vistas and just the immense and penetrating beauty that the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion have to offer. And the kids were especially happy that we could stay connected. You may enjoy the hiking or admiring the views, but you need to remember that the kids want to be able to use their electronics even when the nearest outlet is miles away. And in an emergency, you don’t want to look down at a drained cell phone. This risk is especially acute when you are using a lot of energy on your cell phone to take pictures. Then you need to make a telephone call and you may not have enough juice on your tablet or cell phone. That is no problem. Just connect your telephone or tablet to a solar backpack and you can stay connected.

The Power is Out: Grab your Solar Backpack

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

If you live in or around Washington, DC or one of the other many areas affected by the ice storms in the last couple of days, you may have woken up without power—which could make your home cold and not a lot of fun. So what do you do when you are out of power? If you need a quick jolt of energy, you can go and get your solar emergency system. It may simply be coincidence but at SolarTown we have been receiving a lot of orders for portable solar modules and solar bags in the last few days. It may be that people are shopping early for solar gifts for the holidays–or it may be that they are preparing for the next ice storm. These solar energy systems were rudimentary even just a few years ago, but now are much better able to provide you with exactly what you need in an emergency. If all you are looking for is something to power a mobile phone or a tablet, then by far the easiest option is a solar bag. We have a large selection of these solar bags. The larger device you want to power the more capacity you will need in your solar bag or solar backpack. You have other options if you need more power for your solar emergency kit.

Sandy Won’t Keep Us Down: Solar Products for Natural Disasters and Other Emergencies

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

After every recent emergency or disaster, our customers call and ask us what off grid solutions might help them prepare for the next event, whether it is here in the U.S.or somewhere else. The short answer is that solar energy products can be part of your emergency preparedness plan. Just ask Haitians who were able to cook their food on solar ovens after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Or you might want to talk with relief workers who are able to maintain vaccines in a solar refrigerator in Africa. We are supplying the U.S. armed forces with portable solar modules for power of small equipment in combat zones.

Solar Gift Suggestions for Father’s Day

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

You are now deciding what to get your old man for Father’s Day. Of course, you have already thought of the same ho-hum cologne or colorful tie. But your dad hasn’t worn a tie to work in four years—he probably is working for a renewable energy company or something like that. And the cologne that you gave him seven years ago is still safely packed away in his lower drawer in the bathroom—unopened. What to do? SolarTown has a good variety of solar gifts depending on the personality and preferences of your father, but here is a list of some of the solar gifts that you may want to think about giving for Father’s Day. Please look at the solar electronics section and the solar outdoors section of the site to see what we offer. If you want our ideas on some or our newer products, this may give you an idea of what some of your choices are.