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Penny’s Home Green Home

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Guest Blog: One of SolarTown’s customers recently purchased a solar refrigerator and we invited her to share her thoughts on creating a green home far away from the grid. So you’ve decided that you want a beachfront or close to it but can’t quite come up with the hefty prices in town. Consider the option of affordable beachfront “off the grid.” What does this mean? Well for one, you will be using solar energy (the most efficient) with a possible back-up generator. This means solar panels, batteries and an inverter to convert the solar energy to power your appliances. How large of a system is up to your needs? Myself, I use very little energy so have a small system. However, if you want the electric coffee maker, electric refrigerator, then a much larger system will be needed.

Meet and Greet at SOLAR 2009

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

My impressions of Buffalo are mixed. I am staying downtown, which is all but deserted except for the participants of SOLAR 2009. There is not a solar panel in sight, which leads one to ask how the solar conference ended up here. Next year, I think it is in Arizona, which does seem to make more sense. I did see a bus run on natural gas, but nothing solar. The architecture is depressingly modernistic, or Stalinist revival. One building could easily pass for the brother of one of the famous Stalin skyscrapers in Moscow. And the city court looks about 15 storey and is almost completely windowless; that is right, windowless. There are a lot of statues of buffaloes, which should come of no surprise.