SolarTown Receives Second Award of GSA Contract

SolarTown is increasingly tapped to support our governmental agencies, both at the federal and local level. We welcome the opportunity to respond to the needs of government agencies, educational institutions and others as they become increasingly interested in solar energy. Government customers are more and more looking to SolarTown for their solar energy product needs.

The Department of Energy is one of the leading energy users in the world, more than some countries. It has a target of securing 25% of its energy from renewable sources by 2025. SolarTown has increasingly been supporting the armed forces as they go solar. We have had contracts with several branches of the military service, including the Army, Navy and Air Force.  If you see some solar refrigerators in Afghanistan, they may have been supplied by SolarTown. The Army has used some of the portable solar modules we have provided to power targets on a shooting range. (Solar modules may be rated for hail resistance but usually not for shrapnel and bullets.)

We have recently supplied the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with solar panels. The National Park Service has placed some orders, and if you see a solar oven on your visit to a National Park, that oven may have come from SolarTown. We have had some small contracts with local governmental bodies.  Just this week we received a small order from a high school in New Jersey. We especially enjoy working with educational institutions on their creative and innovative projects.

SolarTown received its first contract from the General Services Administration (GSA) over a year ago. As government agencies become more familiar with us, we are now getting more calls and look forward to serving even more agencies of the government. We are very pleased to report that last month, SolarTown received its second GSA contract, a Federal Supply Contract for building supplies. This new contract will allow us to offer even a larger breadth of solar energy products, solar panels, solar water heaters and other equipment to the government. If you are a government customer, or if your company or agency has access to purchasing through GSA, we can now offer you more solar energy products through our Federal Supply Contract.

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