Spring Forward with Solar Lights and Fountains

It is that time of year again, but you would not know it from the weather outside in Washington, D.C.  It has been cold and breezy, yet the sun is shining and if you have your solar panels out, you have been producing lots of solar energy.  We have just updated our site with a new selection of new home solar panels, so if you are in the market, or just want to compare various options, then please let us know.Solar cascade fountain in the garden.

 If you don’t have the big bucks to shell out for a home solar panel system, then you may want to think about other solar offerings. As soon as the sun comes out, people start thinking solar powered lights and solar fountains. Every year, the solar light options get increasingly better, more efficient, brighter and more attractive. The SolarTown learning section provides an overview of solar powered lights, what applications they can be used for, a brief description of the lights, and how long they will work when operating at a full charge.  Probably the most popular lights are solar path lights, but solar lamp posts are also quite popular.

SolarTown customers generally like the offerings. The major benefit is that you don’t have to go out and hardwire your entire backyard. We generally have happy customers, but sometimes the lights do not meet expectations. Almost all solar lights on the market today are made in China, and they are not that expensive—and some are of higher quality than others. If you don’t get sun, solar lights aren’t going to work; if you put the solar panel for the solar light under a shady elm tree, your solar lights won’t charge.

Some homeowners who use solar lights are disappointed because they are not bright. And some don’t like the bright LED white lights. Yes, all light and all light fixtures are not the same, and you should shop around and make sure that you are getting the latest and the best option. We work with many solar light manufacturers and as a group they are very responsive to replace a solar light when it is not working.

SolarTown also offers popular solar fountains. Homeowners love solar fountains because again you can set them up without having to install an electrical outlet near the fountain. We have floating solar fountains, but by far the most popular fountains we offer are solar birdbaths, one tier, two tier and even cascade style. They generally do not require much work and are easy to set up.  Customers are generally very happy with the solar garden fountains because they add an element of serenity to your backyard without a lot of hassle or expense.

Wherever you may be solar lights and solar fountains are a fantastic addition to your backyard, frontyard or any outdoor space. Enjoy the spring with solar energy!

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