Solar Gifts from SolarTown: Greening the Holidays

Are you looking for green or eco friendly gifts to give for the holidays? Every year, we at SolarTown are compiling a list of some gifts that you may want to consider.  Take a look at our solar gifts that we are recommending this year in our learning section.

The first gift you can give is to educate yourself and your friends about the power of solar energy. My family and I went to the Science Museum in Baltimore over the Thanksgiving weekend. It is easy to forget that the sun is 1.3 million (yes, million) times as large as the Earth. If you open up the sun and dump over a million earths in it, you can begin to imagine that the sun carries a pretty large punch. The challenge is of course how to garner all of that energy. The answer is that we don’t need to garner very much of that energy to meet our energy needs; we just have to do it lights are a great solar gift

We are not suggesting that solar energy will provide all of your  needs, but it should be part of the overall energy portfolio that you rely on.  You may not want to get started with a home solar panel system. Especially after Sandy, some of our customers are considering backup emergency solar energy systems. We understand that those gifts may be beyond your budget.

Our suggested solar gifts for this holiday season will help your family brighten your yard or patio, or provide remote power for your radio or electronic devices, or a number of applications. Our top ten list of solar gifts only begins to explore the possibilities. Our customers seem to be most interested in SolarTown’s selection of solar landscape lights for that they can give to their family.

Our most popular solar gifts are the hanging solar lights, solar lamp post lights, solar table lights, and solar wall lights.  A little pricier but just as popular are our solar fountains and solar ovens.  We hope that you will browse and buy all of your solar gifts from us, and we wish you and all of our friends a very happy holiday season.

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