Solar Doesn’t Rest for the Holidays: Our Top Ten Solar Gift Ideas

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Are you looking for that special holiday gift for your family and friends? We debated about which solar gifts were worthy of our top ten solar gift ideas honors. It wasn’t easy to narrow it down to 10 because there are just a lot of new solar products that have come on the market. (Don’t tell anybody, but our top ten list actually has 12 suggested solar gifts.) If you haven’t seen our list, you can click here to see the top ten solar gift ideas for the holiday season.

Ties and perfume are so 20th century. You need an eco gift this year. There are solar energy gifts for many practical uses and solar gifts for every budget. And please don’t call them solar gadgets; these are practical solar applications to bring civilization closer without affecting the climate. These solar products can be used in the home or in your garden–and even if you need a solar charger for a backpacking trip.

If you want to stay under $50, you can choose a portable solar shower. If if you want to stay under $100, why not select a solar mailbox, and if you want to splurge, then why not a solar backpack or solar oven. If anyone is listening, I would not be averse to having a friend or relative splurge on me for the solar bags or solar oven. You can find a lot of other choices in our solar lights and garden section, our solar outdoors section, and our solar electronics section.

The sunlight may be fading as winter sets in, but you need just a few good hours of rays to charge up your solar energy products. Solar does not rest in the winter and many of our solar energy products make great solar gifts. There are many reasons to give the gift of the sun this holiday season.

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