White House Correspondent Paul Brandus Meets with SolarTown

At the grand Hotel Sofitel, not too far from the White House, SolarTown met with Mr. Paul Brandus, a White House correspondent with a huge interest in green issues.

Brandus is a strong advocate of renewable energy, relating a story on how he personally asked President Obama when solar panels would be installed on the White House, on three separate occasions. Although no solar modules have yet to grace the President’s residence, Brandus expressed his desire to see the 132 rooms of the White House heated by the rays of the sun and the power of the wind, calling the act a great symbolic value to the nation.

Incorporating solar and other forms of alternative energy into the lives of Americans is still a major challenge. Interest in environmental-related topics is only illustrated when major catastrophes such as the BP oil spill occurs. After the disaster dies down, the interest responds accordingly. Brandus believes that it will take awhile for solar and renewable energy to fully assimilate into everyone’s lives.

Brandus goes on further to discuss that even though Obama has a vested interest in renewable energy, the administration is already dealing with a full plate of issues and concerns. Alternative energy is not on the top of Obama’s list. With the midterm elections coming up in the fall, the recent BP oil catastrophe, as well as the economic state the country is in, Obama’s administration has more pressing matters to handle and renewable energy is just not a priority at the moment.

Conversation then turned to other topics. Although Brandus had recounted dispiriting news for the renewable world, he stressed that Obama and the administration are still advocates of green energy and are still intent on pushing it forward. With persistent time and support, renewable energy will triumph.

Mr. Brandus also distributes a daily radio feature called “West Wing Report” to more than 200 radio stations across the nation via Capitol News Connection, as well as a blog detailing coverage of the Obama administration.

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  1. People really need to take a close look at waht is happening to the planet. Please help out by doing more for the environment.