SolarTown and Friends Go to Great Falls

There is nothing better to break up the summer heat of Washington, DC than a trip to Great Falls. SolarTown staff, interns and friends made the trek to Great Falls over the weekend. The Maryland side has the views for those who want to take a glimpse of the magnificent gorge and then return to their cars. From the Maryland side you can walk along the C&O canal, which was a great feat of transportation, but before it was completed the new technology, trains, had made the canal obsolete. But 150 years later, it makes for great scenery.

SolarTown Goes to Great Falls

SolarTown Goes to Great Falls

For the heartier, there is better hiking on the Virginia side. Of course, SolarTown took the Virginia side and caught some views of the falls. We are still wondering what happened to the kayakers who were climbing a seemingly inaccessible rock with their kayaks in hand.

SolarTown is very pleased to have interns this summer from Penn State, Brigham Young University, the University of Virginia, DePaul University, and Princeton University.  They are working on solar news stories, solar videos; they are reviewing the solar energy products we have on the site; they will watch a solar installation; and they are working on analyzing some of the social economic incentives and other policy issues. Some of them are pictured here, and you will see some of their work on in the coming weeks and months.

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