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SolarTown and Friends Go to Great Falls

Monday, June 28th, 2010

There is nothing better to break up the summer heat of Washington, DC than a trip to Great Falls. SolarTown staff, interns and friends made the trek to Great Falls over the weekend. The Maryland side has the views for those who want to take a glimpse of the magnificent gorge and then return to their cars. From the Maryland side you can walk along the C&O canal, which was a great feat of transportation, but before it was completed the new technology, trains, had made the canal obsolete. But 150 years later, it makes for great scenery.

Is Solar Energy Back on the Agenda?

Friday, June 25th, 2010

“The time to embrace a clean energy future is now,” said the President during his talk on the BP oil spill earlier this month. For much of the past year, the nation’s energy policy has played second fiddle to , well, everything else, but primarily health care and most recently financial reform. Deadlines have come and gone, and with the mid-terms elections around the corner, it is hard to see how Obama will pick a rabbit out of the hat and push the energy agenda forward.
What is clear is that as states and local governments are cutting back on their solar energy programs, just at the time when the solar industry needs this support the most. The Maryland program cut its rebate program with only a few days notice. Take a look at our SolarTown news stories to read about some of the states that are throwing their renewable energy programs to the wind in an effort to close budget gaps.