Solar Gift Suggestions for Father’s Day

You are now deciding what to get your old man for Father’s Day.  Of course, you have already thought of the same ho-hum cologne or colorful tie. But your dad hasn’t worn a tie to work in four years—he probably is working for a renewable energy company or something like that. And the cologne that you gave him seven years ago is still safely packed away in his lower drawer in the bathroom—unopened. What to do?

Your dad is just hitting his prime, so get him something for the outdoors, something that he will enjoy, something that is forward-looking, something that is, well, solar. You would love to buy him a solar energy system for his home, but even with discount prices for solar modules at SolarTown, the price may still be more than would fit within your budget for Father’s Day. Now you are thinking of ways to get him into solar without the big bucks.

SolarTown has a good variety of solar gifts depending on the personality and preferences of your father, but here is a list of some of the solar gifts that you may want to think about giving for Father’s Day. Please look at the solar electronics section and the solar outdoors section of the site to see what we offer. If you want our ideas on some or our newer products, this may give you an idea of what some of your choices are.

Here is our list of our five favorite solar gifts that you may want to consider. There is a solar gift for any budget.

Solar Shed Lights: Your father likes working late around the shed, but it can get pretty dark in around the shed. Why not get your father a solar shed light so that he doesn’t have to trip over the rake when searching for his tools.

Solar Umbrella: Another selection for the more sedentary types would be the solar light umbrellas for your Dad. He can enjoy reading a book while under his brand new solar umbrella that he got for Father’s Day. 

Solar Battery Chargers: Is your father one to adopt new technology easily. Does he have an iPod? Take a look at our selection of solar electronics, especially the portable solar modules that will allow your father to take his devices far away from the closest electrical plug. You will have to select a solar battery charger that is large enough for the device that you want to power. If you need to power a laptop, then make sure that you will get enough juice to power the laptop. Most of these devices will power small electronic devices such as iPods or cell phone chargers.

Solar Portable Shower: Does your father go camping or backpacking. Maybe the ice cold shower that the camp ground offers or the dip in the freezing lake may not be his cup of tea. Then why not get your father a solar portable shower. It may not be like the hot tub he has back home, but when you are sharing the woods with the bears, any source of hot water will be exactly what he would want.

Solar Lantern: Your father likes to camp and go RVing or he simply needs some extra light when he is working outside. Then why not get him a solar power flashlight or lantern. We even carry a combination solar lantern with a radio.

If this is the Father’s Day that you want to get your father started along his solar journey, then there are many solar gifts to choose from and for every budget. We hope that you celebrate this Father’s Day with a solar powered gift from SolarTown.

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