SolarTown Officially Opening Its Office

SolarTown released the following press release today.

New Solar Website Makes Choosing Renewable Energy Easy
Americans can now take advantage of vast stores of knowledge and product choice in their journey into solar energy

(WASHINGTON, DC – October 1, 2009) –Providing an unparalleled combination of easy-to-use online navigation with a wide-ranging list of solar products and educational articles, makes it easy for consumers to find what they need to make an informed solar decision—and they’re celebrating the official opening of their Washington, DC office., which is now live and accepting online orders, is a fast-growing Internet resource for anyone wishing to produce their own renewable solar energy.

SolarTown’s selection covers virtually all solar energy products on the market with the lowest prices for quality solar options. From solar photovoltaics, solar water heaters, and solar fans to solar-powered lighting, fountains, water pumps, and features for gardening, pools, and ponds. They also carry an extensive array of solar products for on-the-go, including solar electronics, solar for RV and marine applications, as well as solar cookers and flashlights.

SolarTown customers can find the solar products they’re seeking using the best navigation for solar on the web. But SolarTown is more than just solar products; it also aims to educate consumers on selecting the right solar products for their unique situations.

Customers can increase their knowledge of solar technology by accessing the free online resources that cover topics ranging from selection of the right solar thermal system to how to improve energy efficiency with solar products for pools and spas. The Learning section of the website includes the SolarTown blog, videos, the ability to ask an expert, as well as a collection of recent solar news and events. The SolarTown community is also available for anyone wishing to engage other solar enthusiasts in conversation about making the best solar decision.

SolarTown backs up everything with exceptional sales and customer support to give their patrons added peace of mind when making a decision about solar. SolarTown aims to provide all of the tools a consumer needs in one location—it’s the one-stop-shop for everything solar.

The official opening of SolarTown’s DC office will take place in conjunction with the 2009 Solar Decathlon—the biennial competition featuring 20 solar homes designed by university students—taking place in the National Mall. Those wishing to attend SolarTown’s official opening reception, which will take place on October 12, 2009 between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm in Washington, DC, should contact SolarTown directly.

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